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Product led SEO: Grow your user base and profitability 

Leverage the power of Product led SEO with Manmash Consulting to turn your prospects into actual users and eventually paying customers. Our consultants help SaaS companies focus on understanding their target audience’s needs, align their product’s unique value with those needs, and drive more conversions, thereby increasing business profitability.

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Product-led SEO vs. Traditional SEO what's the difference?

Product-led SEO vs. Traditional SEO What's the difference?

While traditional SEO focuses on website traffic and rankings, product-led SEO prioritizes communicating the value of your product while aligning this value with the buyer’s intent. It is about connecting the buyer’s search for solutions with the unique selling proposition of your SaaS product.

Capture Holistic Buyer Intent  Asking 'Why' in addition to 'What'

Manzar Mashhood and his team of Product Led SEO Consultants specialize in helping SaaS businesses capture buyer intent holistically at different stages of the buyer journey, from informational to transactional. 

Our strategy involves carefully studying customer touchpoints and analyzing prospects at each phase of the buying lifecycle. Instead of simply asking ‘what’ solution a business (B2B) or individual (B2C) might need, we probe deeper, seeking to understand ‘why’ they need a solution like yours. 

This detailed approach allows us to better align your offerings with your customers’ genuine needs.

Capture Holistic Buyer Intent in buying journey
Online tools and linkable assets

Online tools and linkable assets Generate leads while solving problems at scale

SEO can be approached in two ways: content-led and product-led. While the former emphasizes only the content, the latter prioritizes user experience. Product-led SEO seeks to optimize user interactions by offering free and invaluable resources capable of resolving their issues. These assets serve various purposes, including productivity enhancement, communication facilitation, organizational improvement, educational enrichment, and entertainment provision. Moreover, these assets invite potential users to explore and discover more about your products.

Beyond their practical utility, these tools also act as excellent avenues for generating high-quality backlinks. Online tools and assets are among the most effective methods to develop relevant and superior backlinks. Understanding this principle sheds light on why product-led SEO advocates for a freemium model.

Consider a web store selling webcams, for example. It could offer a complimentary tool for users to test their microphones, leading them to visit their website. While the users may already have a webcam to examine their microphone, they might require an upgrade at some point. If they frequently use the tool, the website could stay top-of-mind, making it the go-to source when they’re ready to purchase a new webcam. Offering free tools not only fosters trust but also generates high-quality leads without any additional cost.

Defining Detailed Customer Personas Reach the Right  Audience

Buyer personas are the foundation of every SEO strategy at Manmash. This element is essential for the success of every product-led SEO strategy, as detailed buyer personas, or Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) as some prefer to call it, empower SaaS businesses to better understand their customers and prospects. By gaining a deeper understanding of your ideal customer, it becomes easier to tailor your content, messaging, and product development to address their specific needs, behaviors, and concerns.

For instance, while a SaaS company may be aware that the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is the main decision-maker in their ideal B2B customer profile, do they fully understand the unique needs and interests of the CTO? To truly comprehend what motivates your ideal customers, it is essential to develop detailed personas for your SaaS business.

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High Intent Keyword Research

High Intent Keyword Research Aligning value proposition with search intent

A key aspect that distinguishes product-led SEO from traditional SEO is our approach to keyword research. By creating content around high-intent keywords that directly align with your SaaS company’s value proposition and the search intents of your target users, we strive to reach searchers at the right time – when they are ready to buy.

Leveraging customer surveys, utilizing customer data in CRM, and engaging with sales and customer support teams, we attract high-intent buyers to your website pages, assets, and online tools.

Harnessing the Power of Freemium Model Reducing the Sales Cycle

While the freemium model may not suit every SaaS product, it has proven to be significantly successful in growing a user base and shortening the sales cycle for many SaaS companies that have embraced it. This model offers prospects the opportunity to experience your product before making a purchase commitment, which considerably reduces the sales cycle. 

In fact, Openview found that freemium products convert customers without sales intervention 25% more often than a free trial model. Companies such as Webflow and Hubspot have effectively utilized freemium model to demonstrate their SaaS software in action to potential users that facilitates a faster conversion of free users into paying customers as compared to the demo and free trial models.

Harnessing the Power of Freemium Model
Customer Segmentation Content & Product Features Alignment with Unique Needs of Users

Customer Segmentation Content & Product Features Alignment with Unique Needs of Users

Not all of your potential users are the same; they each have unique needs and challenges. Segmentation allows you to address these diverse needs directly, creating content tailored to each specific user. 

We assist SaaS companies in not only defining their ideal customers but also segmenting them based on their specific needs, characteristics, and behaviors. By creating solutions that are tailored to these needs, your content and product features will foster immediate trust among users, propelling them further down the sales funnel towards becoming a paid user or customer

Define your core topic

Define your core topic Get laser focused in addressing your ideal customers' needs

Defining your core topic helps in narrowing the focus of your content and targeting your buyer personas or ICP with laser precision. This strategy enables you to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the core topic that your buyer personas are interested in, enriched with relevant examples and critical details. 

Additionally, establishing a core topic assists in the creation of robust content clusters, as your pieces will be highly related to each other, offering excellent opportunities for internal linking. Content clustering through internal linking has emerged as one of the most important ranking factors, given that Google tends to favor websites offering comprehensive resources that delve into a core topic in depth over websites that present a single page on the topic that lacks essential details.

Compelling CTAs that generate leads Inspire your users to take the next step

Call to Action or CTAs are a critical component in the lead generation process of our Product-led SEO strategy at Manmash Consulting. Attracting the ideal customer to a website is half the battle; inspiring those ideal customers to take a desired action constitutes the other half. This latter half is conquered through effective CTAs. 

A CTA is essentially the next logical step that pushes ideal users further down the sales funnel. Therefore, not only its design, messaging, and positioning on the page matter but also the extent to which it connects the product value to the search intent of ideal customers. This connection significantly enhances the chances of converting website visitors into users, and that’s where the expertise of Manmash consulting professionals becomes critical. 

We design CTAs for SaaS companies after fully understanding their product value proposition and features, as well as their users’ buying journey. This comprehensive understanding guides our decision-making process about which CTA to place where on a page and why.

Compelling CTAs that generate leads
Long-Term SEO Strategy

Long-Term SEO Strategy Maintaining the freshness of your content

Remember, content-led SEO is not a sprint, but a marathon. Achieving significant results takes time and a consistent publishing schedule. We ensure to refresh your content periodically, adding new angles and updates to keep it fresh, and to prevent content decay, helping you to maintain top positions on search engines.

Leveraging Premium SEO Tools Cost-effectively Making Data-driven Decisions

At Manmash Consulting, we believe in offering our clients the best without the associated high costs. By adopting a group-buy method, we gain affordable access to top-tier SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and SpyFu. These premium tools enable us to execute in-depth competitor analyses, comprehensive keyword research, and formulate effective content strategies. 

This innovative approach means you benefit from high-end tools that boost your SEO strategy without bearing the cost individually. With Manmash Consulting, you enjoy the advantages of large enterprises, irrespective of your business size, ensuring your brand stays ahead in the dynamic digital landscape.

Leveraging Premium SEO Tools Cost-effectively


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